Lay Lady Lay, Bob Dylan

this weeks flashback friday offing,it’s only a day late!

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  1. I can certainly understand you needing to slow down with your time spent on the blogs………I pray that you can someday get your seizures under control…..enjoyed the videos…Mimi

  2. Mimi,there are some days where they are under controll than there are days that look out I\’m in for a rotten day.

  3. Mike,I certainly understand the need for you to be at the computer less. I\’m praying this will allow you more seizure free days. Praying for you…Blessings,Mary

  4. I will be so sorry to see you go … I understand how it can all take too much time and that your happiness and health must come first. Hobbies are wonderful things for they give us pleasure but there are thousands of hobbies out there and it is difficult to fit another one in with blogging. So you take your time and savour the many wonderful things you can take up and enjoy whatever you choose. It has been a pleasure to get to know you … and that is why you must always do what is best for yourself. Take care – I wish you everything you wish yourself.My very best wishes to you, Polly.

  5. Seems some are miss-interpreting what you said??I take it that you are not Twittering and dropping Ecards, but still blogging, right??My take ….People blog for personal creativity and enjoyment. Ecard and Twitter have crushed creativity and enjoyment. They are robotic time killers, and I have seen MANY people quit blogging because of Ecard. I am not a fan!I only drop an E card on a blog that I have visited, commented, and then made one more click. Best wishes to you, I sincerly hope you find your way back to \”wherever\” you want to be :-)Eric

  6. Eric,I am not about to quite blogging,just the twitter it gone and entre card is going to be history after the 22nd.

  7. I have never been a big Dylan fan (as a performer) but this is my favorite song of his as a singer, probably because I can understand the lyrics.As for your computer use, you gotta do what\’s best for your health. I wish you well.

  8. I\’ve not heard this song in years and years. It was one of my favorites back in the day too.Have a terrific Sunday pal. Big hug. ­čÖé

  9. Man I LOVE that song!! Just awesome.I hope that you had a great weekend Mike.

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