The Bellamy Brothers – Old Hippie (1995) Flashback Friday!

well here is my friesr offering for Flashback Friday.I hope you enjoy this one!

7 Comments on “The Bellamy Brothers – Old Hippie (1995) Flashback Friday!

  1. I like the Flah back friday idea…next will be a \”play it forward Monday\” perhaps ??? Have a gr8 weekend

  2. I like the idea, plus it\’s been a while since I heard the Bellamy Brothers

  3. Dickster1961,I\’m glad you enjoyed this one.Purpleggreenpops,Let you love flow is one of my favorites as weel and in may show up in the comming weeks.

  4. Oh…I do love the Bellamy Brothers…they just keep it going, don\’t they? My favorite of theirs? \”If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?\”….that title cracks me up….good song too!!!

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