The Beatles Ticket To Ride

Since it is wintertime,I thought I’d add this one!

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  1. Ok, I\’m on that Memory Lane walk too but for me it\’s a verrrry long walk! LOL I was about 17 years old when this came out. My senior class went to Washington DC for a week and I bought the 45 of Ticket to Ride while I was there! Thanks for the memories!!Hugs,Hope

  2. My daughter asked me why I was smiling. She looked at the computer and said \”Oh, the Beatles make you smile!\” Yes they do!

  3. Jennifer,stick around I have more stuff to bring a smile to you as well.there is a bunck of Beatles songs on you tube.

  4. Help was such a fun movie. I have a copy of the DVD around here somewhere. May have to watch it again,

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