A Goodie from Mari!

Mari,Thank you for this great award. I’ supposed to give it to 7 people,but there are too many to pick from.This being said I’m giving it to every one who deserves it on my blog roll you ALL know who you are(every one on the Blog roll of Honor and a lot that are not,the ones that I have not had time to add that I’m following)

6 Comments on “A Goodie from Mari!

  1. you might really want to fix the typo in your opening page as it would look alot nicer. Dulcimer has a c before the i…-Artzstuf

  2. Mimi,thank you.Seekngsane,that is what happens when you transpose letters in a word and the word looks right to you.Thank you for pointing this out to me.I have had this blog up for almost a year not and no one else noticed the error.

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