just a "quickie"

just to let you know I had doctors appointment 2 day in a row and a bunch of seizures.so plenty of naps have been taken,and I think I want to try to watch the backlog of stuff I taped so far this week.

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  1. short of chopping my head off they are doing all they can with the seizures.too much medication causes me to have galbladder sytems and that was not good.if I did not have to take so many different medication for the different probles that I have I\’d be better off.

  2. Mike, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all of the seizures. That must be very difficult and frightening.You are in my thoughts and prayers.Love,Tamara

  3. Beamer, Yep and Bummer!Tink,Thank you.Tamara, difficult definately.frighting no so much. This is a fact of my life and I just try to make the best of it. Seizures are in the gfamily My Uncle Evan,Dad\’s Brother had tyhem adnso did some of my cousins and their children.Irish Cofee house. well when I tried to get my shows caught up I had a couplew of seizures and endind up sleeping 3 hours.

  4. Sara I hve a whole bunch of shows mostly the ones on CBS. all the CSIs,NCIS,Criminal Minds, Cold Case,The unit. Knight Rider on NBC and Bones on Fox.Momisolds,that is all I can do.

  5. Rest and enjoy the shows, some are pretty good, we watch the same shows it seems. Let us know what the docs find when you know.

  6. *lynne* it just happens that way sometimes. there is no rhyme or reason.Mary,thank you.Sassy Mama, they have to walk a line with the meds they give me I have had some bad side affects with some so it is a juggling act with how much I can handle. took look at me I\’m a big guy and should be able to handle a strong dose of medication.give the amounts of stuff I take for different things that mix adds up and can overload my system,causing more problems.

  7. Mike, I\’m saying extra prayers that the doctors will find some way to get your seizures under control. Get the rest you need and take it easy.

  8. Lee,thank you.the doctors are doing what they can a stronger dose of meds controls the seizures better,but the side effects were no fun as well.so i guess I just have to make the best of things.

  9. Well, Mike, hope you\’re feeling much better and having a good weekend. For some reason, blogger has not let me sign on as a follower of yours, Mike. I will keep trying.Take good care and God bless!Hugs,Renie

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