I needed a change.

I think I needed a change,so I did. When I get tired of this one I switch to one of the other “freebies” that blogger offers.

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  1. Sara, thank you. I like the simple down to earth look that I have ritht now. but I\’m like Cleveland Weather, wait 5 minuites I might change.

  2. Mike, I like your changes, but can\’t seem to find the link to your WordPress blog. Maybe I\’m just tired.I read below where you are suffering from depression. Please add Vitamin D to your daily supplement of meds. It does help the tiredness and may help. It can\’t hurt. 200mg per day. Keeping you in my prayers.Blessings,Mary

  3. Brenda,Mary,and Dori,Thank you for stopping by,I\’m glad you like the new look. as far as the link go I do not know what happen to that stuff.

  4. Beamer,it means that you like the fresh look the minty part well I take that as a complement as well.Irish Coffeehouse,I\’m glad you like the new look.

  5. I LIKE your new look!!i have thought about changing too but it is A LOT OF WORK!! i have thought of going with a template much like what you used to have so that i can change the photo in the header as well as my colors and then feel less BORED with the same thing all of the time. I haven\’t decided what I want to do yet!But yours looks great.

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