something that I would like to recommend.

I normally do not stick my neck out this way but I would like to recommend something. PANDORA.COM the nice thing about this site is that you can create you own radio station. I have my version I and I have a eclectic mix of music on it.

Give it a try. the BEST THING IS IT IS FREE!!!! What can be better that that you set the music you wand or a particular group .

6 Comments on “something that I would like to recommend.

  1. I have been using Pandora for a while. I have quite the music collection playing on mine as well.Take Care.Beamer

  2. I love pandora too. It is such a great way to listen to music you like and to learn about new music.

  3. What a great idea! A way to have all your fave tunes!I too have eclectic tastes and they fully agree with yours!Hope things are ok with you Mike! :o)

  4. far things are going good for me. in the morning I go for my stress test. letes hope that goes well.

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