Tag I’m It.

Well Sara Has tagged me. so I will give it a go.
7 facts about myself that you may not know.

1) I would have been the second born if my Mom had not miscarried my brother.

2) I was a cheerleader in High school. (it was an all boys trade school)

3) I was not that ambitious when I was in high school and my grades showed that. I was second from the last in our graduating class.

4) Cleveland Public schools did away with the split year graduations My class was the very last January graduation class at Max.S. Hayes High school.

5) After I got out of the Air Force I did attempt to go to collage. and I did earn a 2 year degree.

6) I was first married when I was 21 and divorced when I was 26.

7) Celestine and I meet Thu a mutual friend. She was seeing our friends son who was treating her like dirt. So she decided that she deserved some one better and that someone was me. Thank you Pat!

6 Comments on “Tag I’m It.

  1. Interesting facts about you. That Pat was a smart one because you are still together!

  2. Mari, you betcha. it does not hurt when you believe in the vows that you took and deeply commit your self to your spouce.Something that seems to be lacking now a days. in my opion,I maybe wrong. but it seems that way.

  3. Very well done Mike. I\’ve learned a great deal about you with this post. Pat is a dummy if you ask me. You are the lucky on. Have a great day. ­čÖé

  4. Sandee, Pat knew exactly what she was doing. Pat is the type of person to tell it like it is. and she did not like the way her son was treating Celesting and thought that I was better for her. and said so at the Bridel shower that was thrown by my sisters.My youngest sister Linda asked Pat why she introduced us to each other. and when Pat told linda \”that her son treated Celestine like something the cat forgot to bury and she deserved better than that\”. Linda\’s jaw hit the floor. I was LMAO. over that one. Pat,I thank you to this very day that you introduced us.

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