I removed a blogger

I have had to remove a blogger from my Blog Roll of Honor. The reason was that she shut down her blog. Some low life really upset her and she deleted her blog because of it. Way to go you JERK. Given that I am trying to be more of a Gentleman that I used to I sure could have said a lost worse.

4 Comments on “I removed a blogger

  1. That\’s one big problem with the Internet: Any one can get on a computer and join in on the fun. That\’s too bad she had to close things down just cause of some freak. That\’s not Right.Beamer

  2. well She was so rattled that she did shut it down. I donot blame her. she does have a new blog pertaining to her atrs and crafts.I can visit her but untill she says it is ok to put up a link.I will just keeep her in my reader only.

  3. Wanda.I do not know. We all have that capability in us some just behave better that others. I my self have said a few things that I could be called a Jerk for.I at least had the decency to write an Apology for my stupidity,on the person\’s site as well as on this site and the Word Press site. It was my attempt to make amends.

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