Brenda is Asking for Prayers.

Brenda,A fellow Blogger is asking for prayers. Here is a link so you can go and read the posting and offer Moral Support and Prayers.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on Sophie\’s birthday memory.I will remember Brenda, MIR and her husband\’s mom when I\’m sending out Reiki. x

  2. Mike….You have a great play list… I am bookmarking it so I can listen easily. The Bach

  3. I viewed Brenda\’s prayer request. They are all in my prayers. Thanks Mike.The Bach

  4. Bach, I\’m glad you enjoy the music and have bookmarked it. I also thank you for adding Brenda to your paryers. Hugs and God\’s blessing to you my dear sir!

  5. Hello Mike, thanks for the prayer post. We appreciate it. Also, if you know Sandee (Comedy +), I can\’t get thru to her blog to thank her. I\’ve never met her and I\’m thinking she might of came over from your blog? If not, just ignore!Have a great weekend.Brenda ­čÖé

  6. Brenda, Sandee do in fact stop by and I will pass on to here your thanks.Blogger is being a real pain in the A** today. I have a few favorite bloggers that i cannot goe to as well.

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