An Update

I mention that I needed Gall Bladder surgery.well that surgery has been cancelled.So follow up tests reveled that my gall bladder is working the way it is supposed now I to have my primary doctor to do follow ups to see what is causing the problems that I’m experiencing.
So now we continue to explore the problem.
So keep me in your prayers still that they donot find something really bad.

6 Comments on “An Update

  1. At least the surgery\’s out, that in itself is good news!!! Hope they can find the cause and get it cured!

  2. Anni,Celestine and I are very happy that the surgery has been cancelled! Now we just have to figure out what was causing the systems of gall bladder problems.If I\’m really lucky maybe I need to be off some of the meds I\’m on.

  3. Mike, Glad you are not going to have to have surgery. I didn\’t know you were having gallbladder type problems. I had those years ago, went though having an ultrasound (I think) but the pain went away and I haven\’t had it in years.Hopefully the doctors can find your trouble and it will be a simple fix. That\’s my story and I\’m sticking to it. No, wait that is your line. HA!!! JC

  4. Hey Mike. I\’m glad they aren\’t doing surgery but I hope they figure out soon what is going on and fix it for you. I tell you, I like reading your posts, but i also like seeing you out and about in Blogland. Your comments are always upbeat, or compassionate, depending on the situation. You are in my prayers friend.Be blessed.Jen

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