how to handle stress:

Handle stressfull situations like a dog does:
If you can’t eat it or play with it or even pee on it.
Than just walk away.
Thanks to JC for this one.I saw it one her site and decided to use this on mine.

6 Comments on “how to handle stress:

  1. It is just as funny on your site. Glad you like it. Have a stress free Monday even if it means walking away. JC

  2. Great advice! I\’ve told my family that I have a small circle of worry and anything that is outside that circle…I cannot worry about. Thanks for stopping by my website. Drop in anytime!

  3. JC, I\’m having a good day.I had to go for a test to see how my gallbladders funtioning.Hula Girl.I enjoyed my visit,thank you for visiting me.

  4. Hah! JC is great. I am glad that you found her blog!Very cute. Take Care Mike!Jen

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