The U.S. Flag

I decided to add this flag to my desk top photos and it is currently my desk top backround.

If any one wants to use this for their computer,be my guest!

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  1. Just came over to get my big bear hug from you. You have things I\’ve never seen before. I couldn\’t figure out what that thing was you had on your profile. A Hammered Dulcimer is new to me. It looks like a very interesting. Is it hard to learn? It looks like it but then I was never able to get the guitar. Made my fingers hurt and I\’m not much into pain.I read you have been married to the same person since March 1980. Way to go, I\’m proud of both of you. I married in August 1980; divorced in 1993; he died in 1998, end of that story. Hope y\’all are having a great weekend. JC

  2. Jc, I had a couple of teaching vidoes that helped me learn how to hold hammers one in each hand,you guide your hands over the strings and strike the strings with the hammers,that isa how you play music on it ti took a lot of trial and error befor I was able to learn some somgs.I even had the guts to enter the novice class at a dulicmer festival in 1993.I had purchased the Dulicimer in 1992. I took third place and I have a small plaque showing the third palce award the I won.You can see how it is played in a music vidoe further down on this blog.

  3. It has a beautiful sound. Not at all what I expected. Well, actually I didn\’t know what to expect. I really thought it was something you would play like a stell guitar. You hit those strings similar to a piano. Very nice. Mike, I\’m glad to know you.

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