In the Alls Well that Ends Well catagory.

I have been able to mend the fence between my self and the administrator of Blogger Over 50.

It took me owning up to crossing the line and putting back up the links. The administrator for their part said that they had looked at over 100 blogs and may have missed mine and that they were harmed by my spiteful words.

My Father if he was still alive today would have been planting his foot in my behind for my behavior.He did not raise me to be that knuckle head. Dad and Our Father I hope you the both of you have forgiven me of my transgression.

I have been forgiven and reinstated to the blogger Over 50 Blog roll. I will not intentionally remove the links again,and If I see them missing I will put them back up again.
This promise I make to everyone and to God.

5 Comments on “In the Alls Well that Ends Well catagory.

  1. Lou,you did not miss much,besides I had deleted some of the garbadge that came out of my keyboard.I should have just deleted what i wrote in stead of publishing it.

  2. I got into trouble for this too Mike I don\’t know how I managed to delete the blogroll but unfortunately I just haven\’t time to put it back up!

  3. Mike,It takes a big man to admit a mistake, an even bigger one to make it public.I\’m sure that Blogger over 50 has forgiven.(and keep a space on that blog roll for me. I\’m coming over-in eight years)

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