I’m taking down the links to blogger over 50

I have decided it is not worth the agrevation that I went through with Wystful1.
There fore insted of worrying about being removed from blogger over 50 it does not matter to me anymore.
It is now 8:25 p.m. or there abouts. as soon as I post this I will be removeing the blogger over 50 badge which had a link to blogger over 50 and removeing the bloggerover50 from my Blog Roll of Honor.

2 Comments on “I’m taking down the links to blogger over 50

  1. I am sorry that today has been such an upsetting one for you. Sending you big time hugs, and hoping that the evening is better then the day.Blessings my friend.

  2. Tracy,after I finished the rants on both my sites,I felt a lot better. Yesterday I had 2 doctors appointments,one was to schedule a date to have my gall bladder removed.not to mention a lot of seizures. So iwas in no moode to be falsely accused of something.so therefore I did however take down the links.so I do not care if I\’m bounced off of blogger over 50.

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