stuff happens

The other day a piolot ended up crashing it Lake Erie after takeoff from Burke lakefront into water that currently has a temp of 37 degrees,and it was at night that he took off so they could not find the plane until the next day,buy than it became a recovery operation instead of a rescue one.
that is how my life feels like a plane crash that keeps happening,especially with haveing seizures.
The only thing that is good in my life is the fact that I have been sober since 12/17/1990. I will be turning 56 on 01/22/08 and most of all my 28th wedding anaversary will be on 03/01/08

3 Comments on “stuff happens

  1. Hey Bozo,learn how to spell or use spell check before posting your blog that way you look good.

  2. Congratulations on being sober. That is a huge accomplishment. Don\’t worry what some anonymous commenter says about you. If you won\’t sign your name to what you write you\’re a coward, plain and simple. I\’m sorry about your seizures. Life can get better at any time. Keep hanging in there!

  3. To anonymous;so I\’m a little dislexic and spell thing the way they sound to me.Malinthemiddle; Thank you for stopping by.I do hope the seizures do inprove they have in the past for a while they settled down than came roaring back.As someone once sang\”that\’s life\”

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