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Hellow Group(this is a homage to a person called ghoulardi a late night carater who hosted movies in the 60’s)every day that I wake-up is a blessing,especially after what I went through in the seventies after I got out of the USAF,I got sick with what I thought was a bad cold and i was congested,turns out I was a lot sicker that I thought.I had fluid on the heart,this is a infection that affects the sac around the heart,it fills with fluid and has to be removed and treated with anti-biotics or the person may die.I almost did.I was given a 20/80 chance of survival the 20 being for me.It was one of the most scariest times of my life,here I was 23 years old and wondering if I would see 24.after a month and a half stay in the hospital,I was able to leave but had to have frequent check ups and was not allowed to work full time I was told no more that 20 hours a week.The good side was that I survived,My marriage at the time did not.By 1978 I was divorced and liveing alone in Sacramento Ca.So I decided to move back to Cleveland Ohio.I’m Glad that I did for in sept of 1979 I meet Celestine.The way I meet here was through a raod dispatcher for the Local AAA club.”Mike I know a great person that you need to meet”At first I was a little aprehensive but nothing ventured nothing gained,so I meet Celestine in Sept of’79.By March of 1980 we got married,and have been since.

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  1. Good Afternoon Mike,Hope everything is going well in your part of the world today. It has been another cold day here. We are suppose to have a Wintry Mix by late Wednesday night and into Thursday. I am glad you survived your sickness and doing lots better. I am a Diabetic, type 2. I take pills twice a day. I so need to exercize, but I just can\’t make myself do it tho. LOL. I guess you could say I\’m on the lazy side. LOL. \”CONGRATULATION\’S\” on you and your wife\’s 27 almost 28 years of Marriage. Me and my DH got married in March also. What day is yall\’s Anniversary on? Ours is the 24th and we will be married 13 years this coming March. I\’ve been thru a divorce as well, so I know how that feels. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  2. Ghoulardi, it turns out, was played by the father of Paul Thomas Anderson, director of \”There Will Be Blood,\” among others.Thanks for the comments. I think every old fashioned Gent has a reason to be unnerved by the rapid changes in technology. Why, just now I remembered that I have been through nearly four ipods in my life, and the technology has been around for only 7 years.And congrats on the high scoring. EtG

  3. Good Afternoon Mike,I\’m just dropping by to see how you are doing. I have added you to my blogroll. I hope you didn\’t mind. It\’s alot easier for me to do it that way. LOL. That way, I won\’t have to hunt for you. LOL. Hope things are going well for you this week. I am still going to be online. \”PRAISE GOD\” I was able to pay the Cable & Internet Bill late yesterday afternoon. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

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