some where I have traveled before part 2

In my first blog I had said about me,I neglected to say some of the places I have been.
If it was not for the Air Force I would have never been to the philipenes,Taiwan,Tialand,and,Newhampshire on TDYs. I had wanted to go one a TDY(tempory Duty Assignment) To England but was told no.My lose.
Some places that I would like to go to are Chicago Ill to see the Museum of Science and Industry.The reason being that the last enemy warship to be captured by the United States during a war is there.I’m refering to the U-505 German submarine,that has been dedicted as a monument to the service men lost during the war.If a person were to go the website of the museum they could learn the story behind this submarine.
A different place to go would by the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. these are a couple places I would go If I could.

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  1. Yes, do go to Chicago. It\’s wonderful. The natural science museum is great, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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