a meme about the facebook outage

Mark Zuckerberg right now trying to establish the problem

I think the world was a bit more peaceful during the outage.
Facebook didn’t have a riot to fuel.Exactly!

6 Comments on “a meme about the facebook outage

  1. I’ve not been on Facebook for a very long time. Don’t miss it one bit.

    Have a fabulous day, Mike. Scritches to Screwball. 🙂

  2. Sandee,I can relate the other account I have on MEWe is getting just as bad.but I’m working on Account #4 noe the other three facebook has either taken away or blocked me from accessing it.

    • messymimi’smeanderings I have a few of them both most of my other blogging friends are on Twitter or facebook now..

  3. I never joined Facebook. I like MeWe because of the Poetry Group. My others are LinkedIn to promote my friends (even though it has been taken over by political garbage), Twitter (only for my blog stats and to promote others), Gettr to see what’s going on, and beBee, which is based out of Madrid, and has an international flair.

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