I don’t know what this one is

I can tell that it’s Old it says U.S. Air Force it has twin engines and a twin tail.Sorry I could not blow it up any in the picture.
I think I had it but it got lost when my 2 TB external Hard drive lost all it’s file folders and every thing that was in them!!

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!  Whiskey Tango Hotel!!!

Why ME,What did I do to deserve this???

3 Comments on “I don’t know what this one is

  1. You did nothing to deserve it, it’s not that. Can you take it to someone who might be able to recover it? My understanding is that sometimes things are not really gone, they can be recovered. It can’t hurt to try.

  2. You did nothing at all, Mike. Things happen. I’ve done this very thing before. I’m sorry this happened to you.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Screwball. 🙂

  3. messymimi’s meanderings and Sandee,Thank you! I do tend to beat myself up when stuff like this happens.The really agrevating thing was it had over 8 years of collected information that was lost. I did recover some things they were stashed on the computer so I was able to resave that. As far as the airplane pictured I did find out what it was a Beechcraft Model 18.

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