I wish I had the computer smarts to do this

 I wish I had the know how,I want to creat a special add on for firefox but I am not as computer savy as I need to be. I want to creat an B-17 add on in honor of the B-17G that crashed.I wanted to show her in her glory flying and not as she looks now.😢😢😢
I found directions how but I’m not savy enought to do so. https://www.ghacks.net/2015/01/07/create-your-own-firefox-theme/

4 Comments on “I wish I had the computer smarts to do this

  1. We're heading out for a cruise, but I can try to help next week when we get home. I've not done this before either. w-)

  2. Messymimi,I tried and got lost and messed it up.so I'll let Sandee give it a go.She's better at the computer stuff than I am.she created most of the New Golch Central's Bammers! :):D:X:-* :-f:-hd-)

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