Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me


The Moody Blues – Ride My See-Saw

The Moody Blues – Question

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  1. Mike,It's great seeing you on the dance floor today. You have some mighty fine tunes spinning with the Moody Blues. What's interesting is Mary from Jingle Jangle Jungle also shared 'Question' in her line-up. How wild is that now? Join me for today's hodgepodge of 4M, Sparks, A2Z, & BoTB when you get a chance. Have a tunetastic week, my friend!Curious as a CathyiPad Art Sketch 'N' is for Naptime for Baby

  2. Cathy Kennedy since The moody Blues were inducted into the Rock Hall this weekend,and they are one of my favs I ran with them.

  3. I broke more guitar strings playing the guitar part of \”Question\” than on any other song. Love that tune!

  4. Great job my friend and your last tune there is my favorite! Left you a message by me, but all I said was Hahahahaha ÔÇô Very cool! My last name (Moody) is in the Rock Hall of Fame! ~hehehehe~ Thanks for playing along once again and the info. Told the hubby & he didn't even know! ~hehehe~ Woo Hoo I'm one up on him! ~hehehe~ THANKS!

  5. pilch92 15andmeowing,thanks! d-)john holton,I never was able to master the playing of the guitar.:( :-h d-)XmasDolly Thanks!! ­čÖé :-h d-)

  6. I have loved the Moody Blues since day one. I had a chance to see a concert years ago, couldn't, and have regretted it ever since. Nights in White Satin (which I realize you didn't post) was a staple of my college years. Thank you for celebrating their entry into the Rock Hall of Fame. Alana

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