Awww…Monday and Sparks

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Last night while I was one line when something funky happened,all of sudden the browser started flashing,so I shut down the computer using ALT F4 THE COMPUTER AS DO I WANT TO SHUT DOWN I hit enter when I turned it back on I could not access any website so I used a computer fix Command Prompt (admin) than typed in chkdsk/f hit enter then entered y shut off the computer for the night,I turned the computer back on today the dianostics ran and now all is right. st least I did not have to have these kitty”s help me.

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader is hosting Sparks, an inspirational and positive thought for the week link-up, every Monday. 

6 Comments on “Awww…Monday and Sparks

  1. Tech support. Kind of scary.I love your Spark. Spot on. You have to look for everything.Have a purrfect Awww Monday, Mike. 🙂

  2. Sandee,I was luck that I was able to get the computer working without using the system restore and or the USB restore. 🙂 :-f :-h d-)

  3. We are looking for that light, tax time is always rough for us, no matter how many quarterly payments i make. And no, we don't earn that much.Gotta love a great tech support cat!

  4. Brian this time I got Lucky,most times I have to resort to killing it and starting all over again.:( :-h d-)

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