Just to let everyone know why

Just to let know everyone know why I have been M.I.A.I have been off line since Saturday the backup computer’s hard drive bit the dust. I spent most of Sunday removing the working hard drive from the golch central computer and installing it into the back up. that I needed to use the restore disc to get the computer to accept the different hard drive. after it took  4 hours for the restore disc to work upon restarting the the computer that stunt did not work,so that computer is a dead issue. we spent the day looking at computers that were 1) out of out price range,or 2).I ended up buying a used computer for $161.61 with a 1 year guarantee.

6 Comments on “Just to let everyone know why

  1. I hope the computer works well. You've had enough computer trouble lately to last a lifetime!

  2. I'm happy things are working out for you and having a one year warranty is a good thing too.Have a terrific day and happy blogging. 🙂

  3. That's rough to have so much computer trouble. I have all Mac's and love them. By far, the best system and best computers I've ever used. They are not cheap though. I'm glad that you found what you like. It's important to be comfortable with one that has the features you need.

  4. Syd,I looked at a mac,but like I said out of my price range.not to mention I am not found of the laptop style computer.

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