Month: September 2012


as the title says. it has been a fun day here at Golch Central. The main computer acted up yet again. the restore discs were used to noavail some of the different features would not work. like the DVD drive and the Flash Drive… Continue Reading “Fyi.”

Rest In Peace,Andy Williams.

Yep we lost a good one yesterday. Rest in Peace Andy Williams.One of the songs that I always enjoy listening to is THIS ONE.

Wednesday Hero

Capt. Jennifer Curtis In April 2011, Captain Jennifer Curtis received a short-notice deployment to Firebase Chamkani, Afghanistan, where she embedded with U.S. Army Special Forces to assist with village stability operations. Captain Curtis quickly realized that her deployment would be dangerous when she first… Continue Reading “Wednesday Hero”

just for the heck of it.

In the how about that? catagory This ship is the second oldest commissioned warship in the United States Fleet. The USS Enterprise  This one is the Oldest That’s right the USS Constitution


A Sunday Song

A rant against the blogger word verifycation process

I really hate this crap: Blogger why do you have to make it so damn hard to leave comments? I have a low frustration level, so most of the time when I see this stuff when I try to leave a comment I will… Continue Reading “A rant against the blogger word verifycation process”

Happy fall

National POW/MIa Rememberance Day

Dave Lucas: Farewell Entrecard, RIP

Dave Lucas: Farewell Entrecard, RIP to my fellow entrecarders you should read this posting.

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