A rant against the blogger word verifycation process

I really hate this crap:

Blogger why do you have to make it so damn hard to leave comments? I have a low frustration level, so most of the time when I see this stuff when I try to leave a comment I will make 2 attempts to get it right.   After 2 tries I give up.  I have chosen not to use this method of testing peoples patience. I use the COMMENT MODERATION method instead.   Yeah it’s a little more work on my part but people will leave me a comment even if their eyesight is not perfect and they don’t have to fight with the word verification crap.

8 Comments on “A rant against the blogger word verifycation process

  1. You've got that right Mike! I hate the word verification too. This new one can be impossible to read. I won't do it to the people that read my blog either.

  2. I'm with you on this one Mike. I hate this with a passion. I really love the ones that have the word verification and then they moderate their comments too. What, they don't want any comments? Have a terrific day Mike. 🙂

  3. Wand's Wings,it is supposed to prove that we are not robots poisting spam.but hell the robot spam programs can't read them as well.Mari,as I said I give it two tries and and I give up.Sandee,that really gets me as well. one or the other,don't make me jump through that hoop and than not publish my comment.

  4. Why blame Blogger when others can do as you did and just remove it? Now, if it couldn't be removed, that would most definitely be a different story.

  5. Jsry E. Beuterbaugh,the reason I blame blogger is that they changed the version that they used. this version is much tougher to read and or does not except the word and number as typed in. I know I have typed in thr word right the first time but was made to do it aggain.

  6. I totally agree, Mike. I don't understand why folks don't get rid of this method on their blogs. I have done comment moderation for a while. It makes things a lot easier for all.

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