Day: September 10, 2012

A thought

Over the weekend I had to kill my computer again, well today something is still not right with it. It will start then freeze up only partially starting. I have to shut it down and restart it, and this happened a couple of weeks… Continue Reading “A thought”


Today’s cat is the Pixiebob. What’s a pixiebob you ask, well here’s the answer. Awww…Mondays Participants 1. Treasure Chest2. Karen3. Tomas Karkalas4. Awww Mondays5. LUCKY LADY 6. Jody7. Mike Golch8. stevebethere9. Rose10. BeadedTail 11. Ann12. Janet Gardner13. Deborah Learn more about Awww…Mondays here.View More… Continue Reading “Aww…Monday”

International Susicide prevention Day 2012

 As a survivor this is important to me.Today Sept10 2012 is International Susicide prevention day International Suicide Prevention Day 2012Please visit these websites for more information on how to get involved

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