in the go figure dept.

 As the title says I’m scratching my head for some reason when I hooked up my router and put my DSL modem in bridged mode the speed increased.Which is a good thing since I checked into other plans to replace my AT&T DSL and found out the alternitives are out because of up front costs.And Yes Sandee I do appriciate what you offered me. 
One thing I found out is there is a program called Lifeline for Internet in the works. it is supposd to provide low cost internet to people,we would qualify for that. We already have lifelife for out phone service.
we are getting by on my disability income and any savings we can find is good.

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  1. I hope you get this worked out soon my friend. You've been pulling your hair out for a very long time over this issue. I can so relate. Have a terrific day Mike. 🙂

  2. Sandee,last night I hooked up the router and put the modem in bridged mode and man did the seeep increase. I've been doing my dropping as Mike's Place today and have gotten twice the amount of drops don in jut 15 miniutes as I would have in regular mode in a half an hour. So so far so good.(knocking on wood)

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