Yep it happened again. I turned on the computer ay 12:30 pm and it malfuntioned,AKA files disapeared. I used the restore discs and my computer is operational.the only stuff in it is the stuff that the computer came with,so I’m gonna be busy putting stuff back in.

4 Comments on “Again!???

  1. Mari,it's that little back cloud that just keeps hanging over me and Celestine.There is no guentee that a new computer would be any better.

  2. What Mari said. I was thinking the same thing. Sorry this is happening to you so frequently.Try to have a better evening. ­čÖé

  3. Sandee, as long as it keeps working I will just keep usint it. we cannot afford a new one right now,especially since the clothes washer bit the dust this week.

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