Not a good day

with all the sillystuff going on I really need this book

4 Comments on “Not a good day

  1. Sandee,I am reading it. it is always next to my computer.when i'm having a bad day I use the book and playmy games. I will be damn glad when tihs election is over with and maybe just maybe people will be more civil to each other again.I deactivated my FB account because of asshats and I just put a few peoples emails in the spam section due to political garbage. I like a good debate.but not when a person get abusive about it.

  2. I hope you are feeling better than yesterday, Mike. I was concerned when I found you no longer of FB. My prayers continue. Let me know if I can do more, dear friend.

  3. Micholas temple,I feeling Ok,it jst sometimes when I get attacked I start wanting to go to my dark place and today is one of those days.

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