A fun day.

We decided to have an day out. we went for a nice drive, than went for a visit with her Mom.Her Mom made lunch for us. I had a couple of seizures while we were out. and after lunch I took a nap on her Moms bed. On the way home we picked up dinner from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants I had their General Sou Chicken combo and Celestine choose the Moo goo Goa Pan combo. we both have enough left overs for an other meal each. it is now 7:20Pm and I just turned this computer on so I wanted to say why I have not been to visit anyone yet. Now off to check my reader and try to do some entrecard dropping.

6 Comments on “A fun day.

  1. Sounds like a good day, except for those blasted seizures!I was just telling Bob that we need to go out for Chinese again – sounds good!

  2. What Mari said. You have to get out of the house now and then. Glad you had a good time.Have a terrific Monday Mike. ­čÖé

  3. Sandee,soon enought when winter(sigh) get's here we will be staying in for the most part.Just going out for dr. visits. but maight as well enjoy the days when we can.it was a nice day tempwise so we decided to juast hav a day out.

  4. Glad that you had a day out. You are probably right about the winters there. But I would be out and about in the cold as well. I enjoyed my walks when I was in Sweden in the winter. Briskkkkkk!

  5. Syd,because it get's dark so eairly is why we don't go out much in winter Celestine has trouble driving when it gets dark out.

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