This about AT&T

I have been without an internet connection most of the day. I Just got a working connection at 8:50 PM. I will be calling the business office to request, no make that demand, some satisfaction. If not I will be cancelling my account, and if that’s the case I will not be online until I can get a replacement.

2 Comments on “This about AT&T

  1. I love AT&T and have not had any trouble. I wonder why the difference? I hope you get some satisfaction Mike. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, there was a major outage in the Cleveland area.they could not say why,and when I called the tech support telephone line I was given a runaround including that i had an unauthorized dsl box hooked up and that was total B.S. the one I'm useing was provided by at&t.

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