Just a laugh a minute here at Golch Central

As the title says it’s a laugh a minute here at Golch Central, as I posted yesterday I had to kill the main computer twice. Today I’m still putting stuff back into it, but the morning did not start off well.

This morning my Celestine was having a couple of major problems. She was having a low blood sugar @ 7:00 AM and just as we were getting that under control she was complaining of a headache and nausea. She did throw up as well, so part of the morning I was busy taking care of her. I did lay back down to sleep around 9:45 and slept till noon. I still have more stuff to put back into my computer and that is how my day is going how’s yours??

So this tune sums it up nicely

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  1. Well – I guess my day is going better than yours, even though I was at work all day. :)Hope things are improving!

  2. Celestine is resting,and I've been checking on her and inbetween that I've been putting my files and games back into the computer.

  3. I've had a much better day too Mike. I don't always have great day though. I don't think any of us do. They sure make the good days even sweeter.Love the tune.Have a terrific rest of the day. ­čÖé

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