Danm it happened again!!!!!

after running my Norton virus scan I was advised to download the Norton Power Eraser and run it when I started it up this is what happened.

so I dragged out the restore discs and wiped out thecomputer and taking it back to factory settings.I have some of my extra stuff readded but I still have a lot to do. so I will see my Entrecard friends when I see them.

5 Comments on “Danm it happened again!!!!!

  1. I don't like Norton Mike. I used it for years until that last big virus I had that Norton didn't even key on and it had to go to our computer guy to get if fixed. I'm just saying. I'm sorry that's this happened to you again. 🙁

  2. Sandee,upuntil today the Norton has protected mu computer.it caught a couple of attacks that had gotten throught when I used different anti-virus software.Wanda's Wings,you betcha!

  3. i been in same situation before. sometimes all you can do is format and restore. there been a few times i had to buy a new hdd and start clean but only works on systems that u build your self. i given up on that and got a laptop now.

  4. Alice Arthington,been there many times.as long as the computer keep running I'm sticking with the PC's That I have.

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