why I use a free blog service.

I may get frustrated with blogger at times, but at least it is free and losing my postings does not seem to be an issues as when you pay for a hosting service. I don’t want to have this happen to me.

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  1. You are one of those kind souls always leaving nice comments and saying good things. I enjoy knowing you here. I like the free service of blogger too. Somedays it is so annoying but I am happy to just know everyone here. I hope the holiday is a good one for you. Take care and enjoy some simple things like cold watermelon or a walk in the sunshine this weekend. Blessings to you. Anne

  2. Annesphamily, I try to be a kind person. I have not really gotten a bug up my butt in a while so I have not shown the ugly side of me for a long time now.

  3. Free blogging helps keep me sane or as sane as I can be. lol. You are really a kind person and I am proud to call you my friend.

  4. It would be most frustrating to have that happen. Yes, blogger has its glitches from time to time…but hey….we could go back to trusty paper and pen…I beleive that is the only glitch free method of sharing our thoughts!Wishing you a Happy and Safe Independence Day. YOu are in my thoughts as I give thanks to those who have served our Nation!~AM

  5. Wanda's Wings,as it does for me as well.I am glad that you are my friend as well.AirmanMom,thanks. I do hope that you have a safe and happy Holiday,and yes giving thanks and prayers for those that have and are serving in on my to do list every day.

  6. Hey Mike,Thought I'd drop in and wish you a very enjoyable Fourth Of July Celebration! As you know, I too use blogger for all of my blogs. After all, it's: Free, Convenient, and Adequate To The Task… while, I'm: Unemployed, Broke, and Making Very Little As A Blogger.However, I do have some good news. Real American Truth now has an actual [ honest to goodness ] 'Page Rank of 2'! Eventually the cream starts rising to the top…. lol

  7. Franci R. Barbour,thanks for stopping by.I hope that you and your family have a fantanstic 4Th as well.

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