I am so glad that the play lists that I have mananged to post in the past work.I have had it trying to post new one. in fact in an email I told the support people at what i thought of their system so if I get bounced I will be taking down the playlists from my sites.and if that happens that it does. here is the final email that I sent them:WHY IN THE HELL DOES YOUR SYSTEN NOT ALLOW ME TO POST PLAY LISTS TO MY BLOGGER SITES.I HAVE TRIED TO USE THE LINK WAY TO NO AVAIL AND I HAVE TRIED TO CUT AND PAST THE CODES TO NO AVAIL AS WELL WHAT THE FUCK. IF I DID NOT WANT TO LOSE ALL THE POSTED PLAYLISTS THAT DID POST I WOULD JUST DELETE THE ACCOUNT AND NOT EVER COME BACK.I AM SO PISSED OFF AT YOUR EFFIN SYSTEM.I WILL NEVER CREATE A NEW PLAY LIST AND NEVER TRY TO POST A NEW ONE EVER AGAIN FUCK THIS BULLSHIT AND AGREVATION.

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