VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE – Please read this if you have a Linky Tools account and want to keep it OPEN…

This email is the nutshell version. More details here if interested…

LinkyTools has grown at an outrageous pace. As hundreds (thousands?) of you know, I personally take care of all customer service. I listen, I help, I improve and I take care of my subscriber-blogging friends. But… the expense and time have gotten completely out of hand. Donations don’t happen. Ads are not producing money, the advertising scene is worn out. The hosting expense, customer service (me) and maintenance of Linky Tools is simply unsustainable as a ‘free service’.

I have funded Linky Tools out of my own personal pocket. I can no longer afford either the growing expense or the unpaid time. I know charging for the service is going to cost me a lot of users, maybe most, but I would rather provide a great tool and personal service for a smaller number of people who know Linky Tools is worth a small yearly fee ($24.00). That’s two one dollar bills a month. People lose more change under their car seats and couch. Subscribe here…

If you just thought ‘no way, I’ll find a free service’ then be sure to check out the list of new stuff that is coming (below), and the testimonials at the bottom of this message stating how much new traffic and benefit Linky Tools has been to blogs.

This is the best linky system on the Internet. I am constantly adding new tools and features. The tools, the traffic it brings you, the web links back to you, the increased exposure on the Internet from the blog directory, blog hops and lists… all for about half a cup of coffee a month. Beside all the great Linky Tools, you’re going to get this NEW STUFF too in the coming weeks:

    * Optional email notifications when someone enters a link on your list
    * Click stats on your links, and summary stats on your account
    * Blog party (meme, carnival, etc) directory
    * Linky Tools Blog Rankings System
    * Linky Tools Reference Desk
    * Add a Bible Verse or inspiration quote to your Linky list
    * A multi-list creator function (example: create 20 lists with one click, scheduled in intervals)

As always you’ll get personal service from me when you have a need, idea or comment, featured placement in the Linky Tools Blog and your blog posts, stories and ads in SeriousLife Magazine upon request and approval.
NEEDLESS TO SAY I SENT A REPLY TO THE EFFECT THAT BRENT WILL NOT RECEIVE ONE PENNY FROM ME,and so my account will just disappear.besides I never could get it to work right for me anyway.
I am on a fixed income and still have a house note amongst other things that eat up my monthly income. Yes 24.00 bucks a years is not much.but the service has been FREE.

3 Comments on “THIS IS BULL!

  1. Well, he's paid a lot of bucks out of his own pocket to do the site so I can see his point. I don't really care for his linkies, but I love Mr. Linky and have a premium account there. I will continue to keep that account.Sorry this has ticked you off Mike. Hugs. 🙂

  2. C.A.T. I could never get it to work right any way.Sandee,I can see it as well.the fact is that he has a premium service as well as the free one now he has decided that every one should pay.that's what ticked me off.I am lucky that I break even at the end of the month. there have times that has not been the caes and the little cusion that we have is dwindeling evey month.there may come a time that I will not be able to afford the DSL and that will be the end of blogging for me.

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