A thought.

I saw this posting over at Jennifer’s site Dust Bunny Hostage. I posted a rather rambling comment that I will post here as well: Well, if a person is using a blog as a love letter to just one person, Oh well that’s on them. I write my blogs (so many of them) for every one to see except for one blog it is by invitation only. When I first starting blogging I enjoyed meeting new people, I still do. I still share my heart with everyone for the most part. (the private blog thing again) I enjoy visiting with a lot of people that is why I joined First Bloggers Club and Entrecard. I try not to be judgmental and accept all people no matter where their head is at (Gay Vs Strait).

Most of all I really do enjoy life and All IT’S PITFALLS I should have added this as well as people who molest children, and rapists are not acceptable actions to me. Yes that includes PRIESTS, they belong in jail.

I will have Aww…Monday up a little later today.

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  1. I saw this over at Jennifer's too. My comment was why do some folks make it so difficult to leave a comment. Or they don't want comments. Whatever.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Great post on why to blog. I like that you so willingly share and open up to people. Good for you Mike.

  3. Syd, that is why i got into blogging to enjoy myself and others. when it stops being fun that's when I will guit!

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