Prayer Request.

Our Blogging friend AUDRINNA really needs our prayers,and help if there is any one able to do so.

6 Comments on “Prayer Request.

  1. If he's drinking again it's just a matter of time and he's going to start slapping her around. What a shame. She's in my prayers Mike. ­čÖé

  2. Thank you, Mike, for calling this prayer request to our attention. I'm praying for Audrinna too.Charlotte

  3. Sandee,But for the Grace of God,this is me as well.Charlotte,thank you fro the prayers.Audrinna,you are welcome,and I'm on my way over.

  4. Mike, I'm so glad that you directed us to Audrinna's blog. I let her know that she is in my prayers. Even if she could just rent a room somewhere would be much better than staying where she's at.God Bless,Ginger

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