On A personal Note.

Today has not been a good day at all. Our new windows that were installed last week were stained and today the person that stained them came back to finish the job. I cannot remember what he had to do today. It was some kind of clear coating that he needed to do. This triggered an asthma attack and I needed to do a breathing treatment. After the treatment I was coughing up a lot of junk. This happened several times and I also had a couple of seizures to boot.

Needless to say this has been a really bad day. I had several seizures after I had dinner. So I’m exhausted, and am going to bed very soon. I did not visit with many people today and barely commented on anyone’s blog at all.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Take a minute to say a prayer for all our service people now serving and those that have served. I hope every on says a special prayer for the victims of the senseless attack that left 12 dead.

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14 Comments on “On A personal Note.

  1. Feel better Mike. You need to start having some good days. That's enough bad ones. Get a good nights sleep and hopefully that will help.Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Bless you heart Mike. I'm sorry it was such a bad day for you. I hope Wednesday is better.

  3. I hope you are feeling better Mike! It must have been something either in the stain or the coating that set off your attacks?? Make sure everything is well ventilated and that you keep your breathing treatment close by.And hats off to our Veterans!! Take care,Kat

  4. needing some goo days, ym friend… I will be praying for God Will for you…Also, today is a BIG day in my book… Happy Veteran's Day, Mike! Have a great one!God Bless and THANK YOU for your service!

  5. Sandee,I do have good days,Unfortunaly I do not post about them as much as I should.Mari,I hope so as well.Just Breathe,I hope that you asthma is under contrl.yestreday minee just got totally out of whack.Jennifer,I hope so as well.AirmanMom,thank you.Nessa,so far so good today.Kat,the house is aired our better and the smell has totally disapated,so today should be better.Sometimes Saintly Nick,I even went to bed a lot sooned that I normaly do.sometimes I stay up untill 1 or 2 in the morning.Not last night.Scott,thank you and God Bless all of our Veterans as well.Anon Drifter,Thank you.

  6. Mike, sorry about having a bad day. I hope that your health will be better soon. It must be exhausting to go through seizures. Take care of yourself.

  7. Syd,multiple seizures in one day and having a major asthma attack took it tole om me.on a good day I might just have a couple of small siezures,the kind where I just stare at something or someone and not even see what I'm stareing at.A bad day is when I'm having big shaking seizures those are the real pits.the bad part is that a monstor of a headache come afterwords.

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