R.I.P Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Survival rates for this form of cancer are poor, and despite a valiant fight, Swayze lost his battle passing away yesterday at the age of 57.

Rest In Peace,my God give comfort to your survivors.

The sad part is that he was younger than this author by 7 months.

13 Comments on “R.I.P Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

  1. What a shame Mike. He was so very young. He also was very talented.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  2. I was sorry to hear this last night. I always liked him and respected the way he fought this last fight.

  3. Mari,I respected him for not giving up the fight as well,even if the survival rate is low he was determined to try to beat the odds.

  4. It is sad, but he left a beautiful movie – 'Ghost.' I like to think that the love he represents in that movie, is like real love that transcends time, and waits for us on the other side. It makes me cry to think of the sweetness of that movie, and I am so glad that he made it.Blessings to you, Mike.

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