Prayer request.

I have been sleeping for the past couple of hours.I just got up and I found this request from Jackie:Mike,
I don;t have your email. So I couldn’t contact you!!

Please I am asking for sister in law Juanita and our family for prayers.

She has been battling cancer for almost 3 years now. She was just rushed to the hospital and is not expected to live through the surgery.

The DR.’S told us all to get prepared. Walter is on the road in New York trying to drive and deal with this…I am very concerned about him too.

He just lost a sister not too long ago to cancer.

Please send this to the prayer hub. Pray that Juanita lives and if it’s not God’s will for her to stay here with us…then please pray for all of our family as we love her very much!!


Let’s keep Juanita and her family in out prayers and go offer support to Jackie via the link.

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  1. Mike,I will add Juanita and her family to my prayer list. Thanks for the heads-up.Hope you're doing well. Enjoy the Labour Day weekend.Blessings,Mary

  2. Silly willie and Fluffy,How well I know they work.they worked for you daughter and for my MIL,and others as well.

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