the start of a new week.

Since today is the start of a new week I’m hoping not to have a repeat of last week. As you know last Sunday(6/07) I tripped and fell comming up from the basement.this past Wednesday(6/10) I slipped and fell in the bathtub.this one netted me a bunch of brusies.I’m luck that I did nt break any thing.

6 Comments on “the start of a new week.

  1. Okay Mike, You've fallen down enough. No more falling down. Have a terrific day and an even better new week. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,Let's hope so.Thanks for stopping by.Mari,let'd hope so.thanks for stoppin by as well.Big Time Hugs to the both of you.

  3. Syd,I'm still sore and it huts a lot on my left side,I'm sure that I brusied the mucels at the very least.

  4. I hope that you are fall free so far. Read your comment that you were still experiencing soreness. I really am sorry Mike.

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