Prayers needed

On The Prayer Hubs is a request for need our prayers that her situation improves.

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  1. Mike, thank God my connection is back in full swing. I found this short post of yours very interesting so I went to check the site. Now I\’m following The Prayer Hubs. I believe in the great power of a prayer. My own life (the struggles and victories) is a testament of this fact. Like you, I want to give it back. My life is not perfect and I continue to face battles everyday. But it is through prayers that I continue to face life with a grateful heart.Thank you for this opportunity to help.Blessings,Bing (\”,)

  2. PinkLady,you are absolutly right pray is a powerful thing.I learned this long ago when I was first starting out in A.A. At least the Big Book and the wisdom in it has stuck this time.The great thing is the Higher Power idea.It is a start be saying God as you define him.The Native Americans call him The Creator.

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