A Good Posting

I saw this on a blog as well,and forgot who had it up.
I was just over visit the different blogs that I follow and I ran across a really great posting at AirmanMom’s site.,Please take time to watch the video that is posted as well.Follow the link.

12 Comments on “A Good Posting

  1. mike…I truly like this cartoon, so much truth! Thanks for the link. I\’m so glad you enjoyed the video!~AM

  2. AirmanMom,the cartoon is dead on. the video you posted is dead on as well.Thank you for stopping by and making my say.

  3. Mike, I really like this cartoon as well as what you have written below. Hope you don\’t mind if I snatch some of it for my Monday post. (I credited you for it) Thanks!

  4. hey Pows and Mias go way back to WW1come to think about it the Revolutionaly war and the Civil war had them as well.

  5. Our boys scouts are putting up flags at the cemetary in honor of Memorial Day.

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