Mind Games. (those that do not learn form the past…….)

this is a posting and a Warning for everybody that may find themselves doing this and not realizing that they are doing so.
first of all I will say this,I love my Parents,and Grand Parents. NOW comes the part that I will talk about playing mind games and using children as tools of those games!!! Both my Grand Mothers were playing a game of lets turn the oldest child against their parents. The sad part is that my Dad’s Mom and my Mom’s Mom did this.It is the same game that parents do that are going through a divorce do.Now here is the kicker.My mom pulled the game game on my brother in law as well.
Please for the sake of your Children and Grand Children do not I repeat do not play these games.It will scar the children, and for what your own self satisfaction???
I write this post because of the post that Grandy wrote today on her blog.

The song mind games come to mind,with a nod to John Lennon!

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  1. True,but unfortunaly the adults do not see the harm they are doing to the kids,they just want to \”get even at all costs\”believe me,I know the scars of those games quite well.I love my Parents and both of my Grand Mothers.(my grand fathers were long gone from the picture)I just cannot get over being used the way I was.

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