Sunrise Sunset- polish version

the english version has been running through my head so I thought that I would post this in Polish,with a nod to my heritage.

7 Comments on “Sunrise Sunset- polish version

  1. mike…I\’ll have to share this video with the hubster who is Polish! I remember singing this song in 6th grade chorus (Engllish version).Happy Tuesday, Mike!~AM

  2. the song was running through my head and when I saw a Polish version I just had to post it.

  3. Way cool Mike. I\’d not heard this version before. It\’s beautiful in any language isn\’t it? Yes, it is.Have a terrific day pal. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. Just Be real,AirmanMom,Elise(Pigeon),Sandee,and Akelamalu,I am glad that you all enjoyed this one.I know I really did.

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