I got this email from Silly Willy

Silly Willy and His Wife Fluffy has sent me an email.here is part of it.
Hi Mike, Thanks for the comment on our blog. Yes, it is nice to be home We spent time with our daughter and she is coming along slowly but in a positive manner. Her speech has improved and she can walk with assistance. She has a great attitude about her recovery.
Family members have been helping out ie. rides to outpatient therapy.

We thank you for your prayers and ask to keep them going for her with your prayer group.
Each day is a new challenge both mentally and physically.

You have helped to uplift the spirits of all of us!

May God’s Grace be with you in all you do.Thank you for being a friend. Silly Willy and Fluffy

As you know that their daughter had a life threating illness and was not to improve much. I had posted a prayer request for the family and everyone responded by placing them and their daughter on their prayer lists. This is proof the prayers work,the Family still needs our prayers for a full fecovery.

10 Comments on “I got this email from Silly Willy

  1. You\’ve got another prayer for their daughter. Let\’s hope that she continues to recover.

  2. Prayer is powerful indeed. I am glad she wrote you and shared how true that statement really is.

  3. Amen, Mike! Prayer is such an important part to a healing process. Thank you for updating us on her! Blessings.

  4. That\’s great news Mike, I\’ll continue sending Reiki and positive thoughts. Good to hear you\’re feeling better too. x

  5. Speedcat,Farmlady,Tracy,Just Be Real,and Akelamalu,yes this is good news to hear,prayers are great to offer and prayers are answered.Especially in this case,their daughter was not supposed to be doing as well as she is doing.Lets keep the prayers going until she is totally well.Thank you one and all.

  6. Just Be Real,thank you.I know the family will be greatful for alll prayers being offered.

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