an update and urgent prayer request.

My cousin Keith has been handed another thing to deal with.His daughter Heather,she first tried to use a knife from the kitchen to hurt herself and her brother took it away from her ,so then she went and got a razor blade and started cutting herself. All over the breakup of her boyfriend,she is in the hospital right now and will be most likly be admitted to the psych ward because of the depression and the cutting that she did. She has been admitted.

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  1. Mike,I am so sorry. It seems that more and more teenagers are cutting nowadays. My prayers are with you and your family.Blessings,Mary

  2. Mary,yes it does seem that way.Thanks for the prayers.Speedcat,I guess all the hastles they have been going thru was just too much for her to take,so she tried to do the unthinkable.

  3. Oh that\’s terrible, the poor girl. 🙁 I\’m sending prayers, positive thoughts and Reiki to your brother and his family. x

  4. Akelamalu,thank you.AirmanMom,yes it is,unfortunaly al lot of the family on my side suffer from this.

  5. Mike, I am so very sorry for this latest new with your cousin\’s daughter Heather. Being admitted is the proper thing. She needs help and she needs to be heard and understood. She is being lifted up in prayer. Thank you.

  6. Just Be Real,thank you for your prayers.The great thing is that Heather relized that she needs help.

  7. Good Afternoon MIke,I will be keeping your Cousin\’s daughter in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in her life. Sorry to hear she tried something like that. She needs to know that he isn\’t even worth doing something like that over. I do pray she gets the help she needs. \”THANK YOU\” for stopping by adn checking in on my and for the \”BIRTHDAY WISHES\” as well. The girls finally got home earlier and I\’m doing their laundry up so they will have clean clothes for School tomorrow. Take care my friend and have a Blessed Sunday. May GOD Bless you and yours,Hugs,Karen H.

  8. Karen,thank you for stopping by.Some girles who are in their late teens and early twenties don\’t get it yet.We as older adults have been thru this stuff and it not the end of the world,we can tell the kids this but some have to learn the hard way.not to mention some are attracter to the \”bad girl\” bad guy\” thing.this is the case for heather.She really needs to pull herself together for her son\’s sake.

  9. Mike, so glad that Heather does realize that she needs help and pray that she continues to realize this. Thank you for the updates. Blessings!

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