Hammered Dulcimer – Sea Side Run

12 Comments on “Hammered Dulcimer – Sea Side Run

  1. I like this one, Mike – as a matter of fact, I\’mg oing to play it again!

  2. Speedcat,that it is my friend.Mari,I\’m glad that you are enjoying this one.AirmanMom,glad you enjoyed it.

  3. i love the sound of this, mike… thanks for sharing it with us.let me also take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Compassionate Blog Award. Mother Maitri made the right choice. you truly deserve it.blessings,Bing (\”,)

  4. Mike, that is simply beautiful, I have only heard the Dulcimer played once before years ago. I do not know much about it. Thanks I truly enjoyed that:)

  5. Pinklady,I\’m glad that you enjoyed this tune.I have a bunch of different Hammered Dulcimer tune through out my blog.Akelamamlu,I\’m glad you enjoyed this and thanks for stopping by.Deb,the hammered Dulcimer is a verry old instrument,it\’s origins date back to Pursa centuries ago.The Dulcimer is know by many names in different places in the world.

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